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Cubacar Transtur Office Hotel Parque Central

The Transtur Car rental offices of Havanautos, CubaCAR & REX HOTEL PARQUE CENTRAL, Havanautos and CubaCAR are at NEPTUNO ENTRE PRADO Y ZULUETA, in HOTEL PARQUE CENTRAL we offer both pick up and drop off at this location and our opening hours are NEPTUNO ENTRE PRADO Y ZULUETAHOTEL PARQUE CENTRAL. You can also visit this office for any technical difficulties with your car or call our 24 hour number on your contract and we will come out to your location in HOTEL PARQUE CENTRAL rapidly. As we do not keep many rental cars at this location we highly recommend booking in advance at our link below. We Accept same day Cuba Car Rental bookings or, for any time in the future using any major credit card from any nation. The closest fuel station to this combined Havanautos & CubaCAR office in HOTEL PARQUE CENTRAL is called Cupet and is 600 meters from our office. If you wish to pick up at NEPTUNO ENTRE PRADO Y ZULUETA and drop off in another location, please indicate this while booking at the following link. At this office we offer maps and basic maintenance services so if your Car Rented from Transtur is due for a service or check as shown on your car rental contract then you can bring it here. To Book a rental car in HOTEL PARQUE CENTRAL Cuba then simply click below:

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For printable larger version of Hotel Parque Central map of Transtur Rent A Car office – click the map